Callavida means Beautiful Life

What is a beautiful life without some peace?
Your point of peace.
This type of peace is the focus that brings you so much into the present it stills you.
Whatever the time frame of this still occurs it fuels you long after.
It’s all yours. Your type of peace-the random little things, that center you, and are specific to your personality.
Point of Peace

Here is how it Happens:

By developing a personalized system of simple strategies that continuously give you access to your point of peace.
And this is where things start to Shift…
~You will experience greater patience with the little things that used to bother you e.g. sitting in traffic.
~Your head space will feel more settled. Sure, worry and anxiety will still show up, but you find yourself stepping into it as more of an observer, and less of an active participant.
~You find yourself standing still more often, while moving positively forward at the same time.
And this is how I support you:
We create a dependable, personalized system of strategies that will return you to your Point of Peace.
I help you dig. You choose how deep you would like to go.

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