All the! SmallThings.

11/24/2015 Update
Why did I make this Private after publishing?!
I was worried about what my ex would think! Oh goodness. Why hide my truth when it is exactly that?
So here you go again..!
This is a total “Dear Diary” post for my cherry breaker…enjoy!
I have been thinking about this lately. All the small things really. The bigger picture things are still being sorted out, I still have those ponderous feelings, but maybe it’s those big things and ponderings that will keep me going.
We all have those big thoughts like “Where is my life headed?” or “What’s my purpose?” Sometimes combined with a wonderful 8Os soft rock ballad playing in the background of those feelings :sigh:

Christopher Cross anyone?

"If you get caught between the moon and New York Ciiiiityyy..."
“The best that you can do…”
Okay, so these small things. The small check in the mail when I had just longed for some extra cash. Getting the perfect spot at a crowded Starbucks at the last minute so I can blog because my internet is off. The suggestion from friends to become a life coach by way of my starting the Facebook women’s group when I never thought of doing anything besides working with kids. My parents having the extra room and my kitties already being there. All these small things, all the people that have showed up in my life either out of nowhere or 100% strong because they love me but also point me in the direction to continue to be me, and more importantly to not give up, or settle. This is my opportunity to be that woman I have dreamed about-the one that was put in the back burner as I lost myself in the new dream of having a future with the love of my life. That was nice no doubt, beautiful, but I put too much on that relationship, that wish, and even though I can’t see that dream anymore it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future with someone meant for me.
It just kind of naturally went away, when he did.
So now-my joy, my motivation, and my faith lies in tapping back into myself full throttle and taking my life by the horns to make it 150% times better. To make it the best life it can be, for ME. Won’t everything fall into place a tad better if I provide a healthy space for it to land?
 I’m definitely on  my way.

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