Self-Applied Beauty

Hey there Gorgeous.

Yes, you. You have a little something on you. I’m not sure what it is because I can’t see you, but I do know for sure, you have a little something there…

It is that “thing” that you love about your looks.  It could be your eyes, your legs, your hair….but there is absolutely something  uniquely beautiful making you, you.

Bring into mind what your thing is, or go take a peek in the mirror to give yourself a reminder. Chances are appreciating that thing is a special moment when you don’t need anyone else to validate what you already know.

And you know you’ve got a few pretty good things going on there, don’t you?

If you are having trouble with this or feel uncomfortable then you need to do this the most. So make that effort alone, or ask someone you trust to join you in a moment of discovering your thing.

I did some poking around and asked a number of women from all different walks of life what they like about their looks and was pleased to find most had easy answers for me. We can spend so much time picking ourselves apart it was refreshing to read the replies:

I love my high cheek bones! … And my dimples.”

My eyes and my tattoos, they tell the story of who I am.”

My smile makes others smile and obviously if I am smiling, I am happy, and I feel beautiful.

My smile and my feet!”

My wrinkles are all caused by smiling, no frown lines here .. and the scars and stretch marks are all “battle scars” in a battle I am winning.. because I am here, living and loving life!”

And my personal favorite: “Everything!”

The delightful thing about finding something about your looks that you love is it creates a beautiful outward accessory that reflects your confidence within. Not only that, you set a positive example for other women and girls who just like you, might find it hard at times to appreciate their own unique beauty.

So take a moment, look at yourself with the same eyes that see beauty in your loved ones, and be thankful for that thing. 

Maggie xo


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