Imagination Station

I have to admit-I live in my head a lot.

I imagine about what the future will be like. I imagine myself as a mother, and what my kids might look like. I imagine what I would look like if I lost a certain amount of pounds, I imagine myself self-employed and popular. You know, like kinda famous.

My thought train stops at imagination station on a daily basis; multiple times a day.

One area of imagination station I’ve been thinking about lately is my idea section. It is the place I go to when I get a new one or want to toy with the ones already there. I sit with them, and ponder needing a sign, or a perfect time to allow myself to follow through with them.

In other words, it’s the waiting area.

This area can become a bit crowded. It can lie stagnant. Sometimes my ideas just walk away because I haven’t nourished them enough and they are hungry for attention. Or they get super fat and cannot be moved because all I have done is feed them in my mind.They need to be cared for appropriately in order to be ready for action.

Picture this area for yourself-can you see all your ideas sitting there on the benches waiting for you? Is your thought train passing by every single day never picking any of them up?

This, is boring.

I have decided it is time for me to stop at imagination station, pick up some passengers, and bring them on my train of action.

Create the perfect time, be your own sign, or make one! Remember the ideas at imagination station will not seem so big and scary once they come with you. They are waiting for their ticket to ride! What slows down the amount of your ideas becoming passengers is all the questions that come with it. That fear and doubt needs to be run over by your powerful train. Go for it, because even if it is just introducing your passengers to someone else, it is a start.

So now I am losing some more weight. Now I am working on being the very best version of me because in a few years I will be ready to make the mother dream my reality. Now I am working on my career so I can become self-employed and now I am doing all I can to connect with others through my passions so I can change the world around me wherever I go.

My idea area at imagination station is still busy, but now, so is my train.

Choo Choo!!

Magdelena xo


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