Moving Forward

I like it when I positively surprise myself. Don’t you?

 At times when we least expect it and are able to just flow…it can be amazing what comes out of being our authentic selves. One day a friend of mine did a video on moving forward in relationships, and I decided to email her my thoughts. When I wrote her I was in that exact place of flow. I was not worried if what I was writing was perfect. I was free typing from a connected place of experience. It all just came to me and through me.

I ended up really liking it. Liking it so much I decided this piece was meant to be shared.

She was so kind to give this short but personally meaningful statement back to me, and I have to say without her prompting I would have not had this post to share with you. Sometimes it can be very clear from the jump why certain people pop up into your life!

So here it is. A Calla gal’s thoughts on moving forward.

For me, moving forward does not mean taking a giant leap to that place you so long to be-which with a broken relationship of any kind means being at a place of peace. That place where you can look back without any tears, you can appreciate what you have in the present, and smile when you think about the great things that are yet to come. Moving forward takes day to day, even at times moment to moment efforts, but they pay off for the big picture. I can say this from experience. My greatest peace came from the day to day self-care, and allowing myself to accept that moving forward meant moving through. Moving through the hurt, the anxiety, the wonder…but what I also discovered along the way was with that came moving through positives…such as moving through doors that needed to be shut, moving into new possibilities, and new found strengths.

Magdelena xo
Below is the Moving Forward video from my friend Tamika Dunn of Traces of My Lipgloss. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter. Another encouraging and empowering Calla gal!

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