Continuous Discoveries

Latest self-discovery…

My career calling has changed.

It is time to move forward, but what does that mean for me?

I am 34 years old. The thought of switching careers initially bothered me because I judgexcited-jumping-business-woman-11809885ed myself for not being in the midst of a demanding career that required my wearing heels or included a hefty 401k. I work with special education students as an aide, and the main reason one would see me dressed up at work is because it was laundry day.

However, digging deeper I realized the major issue was I had worked with children and families for so long I had programmed my brain to believe it was the only work I was capable of executing with a natural skill. Yet it has kept me too comfortable, financially challenged, and in a spot where I can no longer move up the job ladder. However, appreciating the fact that I truly enjoy it, and seeing how I make a difference every day it has also kept me for the last 17 years engrossed in a generally rewarding position.

Then like a whirlwind wake-up call from the universe, opportunity in the form of stress brought me to new considerations and realized gifts.

I first besoul_seeker_flip_flopsgan to realize my calling had changed when I had to change. I needed to change my life because up that point life had been changing me. I felt like I was losing control of my happiness, and it was starting to suck. Then I realized that was because I had lost touch with the fact that I could take control of my own happiness. So I did. I changed my attitude with more meaningful meditations, set new boundaries in relationships that no longer brought as much joy as it did questions or negative thinking, surrounded myself with positive quotes, pictures, and fulfilling activities to really move my thinking train onto a better track. I pulled out every self-care tool I could think of and utilized my support system in a way that helped deepen my relationships with the loved ones who stood by me.

Then I helped other people in the same way, along the way. I started this blog, a women’s group on Facebook, and reached out to others with a new Twitter account aimed to give daily positive encouragement.

Okay, this all sounds great Mag, but I thought we were reading about your calling?


You just did.

I am in the process of becoming a life coach for women specializing in stress and anxiety management. I will be leaving a field that has defined me for almost twenty years, and following a calling that has unexpectedly, but powerfully, redefined me for less than one.

Have you been here? You’re doing what you’re doing, and you’re doing it
well, but…there’s something else in the distance that you start to see. You are not quite sure what you’re perceiving yet, but the closer you get the more certainly you walk towards it. Sometimes the picture pops right up so vividly and suddenly like mine did. You might shuffle your feet in caution as you realize what you see ahead makes what’s behind you blurrier. Other times, the picture becomes more defined as you purposefully clear your path towards it.

Be open to continuous discoveries. Your life around you changes throughout the years why not take a chance should your calling change over the years too? The beauty of continuous discovery is when you embrace it there is a part of you that becomes your anchor. The inner confidence that keeps you grounded as you walk towards expanded opportunities will always be with you.


Magdelena xo


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