Back with another great list to share! This month is for May/June and are some things in life that make us smile. If you like visual reminders make a list of your own things that make you smile. Can’t think of too many? Borrow from this list!

30 Things that Make Us Smile =)

1. When you hear a song you love in the car. And it just started.

2. Pictures of cute animals. Especially when there is more than one species mixed in.

I mean..!

3. When someone you adore says “I love you.”

4. When you’re in the fitting room and something you try on fits…the first time.

5. Waking up and remembering you don’t have anything pressing that day. Go ahead and stay in your pj’s for a while.

6. When you realize you finally let go of something or someone that was not good for you.

7. Giving someone a gift they were not expecting.

8. Receiving a gift you were not expecting.

9. When someone tells you you look nice and prior to that, you didn’t feel like you did.

10. “Nailed it”-you knitted a scarf and it looks like one. You baked a cake and it didn’t fall apart. You went in for an interview and rocked it.

Throw in some wine…

11. When someone says out loud what you are thinking. Mind melting!

12. Sweet messy kisses and hugs from children.

13. Cheese and Chocolate. Pick one, or have both!

14. When someone says thank you in a genuine way, and you can truly feel their gratitude.

From followers via Facebook and Twitter:

15. “Seeing my friends or family smile (smiles are contagious!).”

16. “Macaroni and cheese burritos.”

17. “Beach and corona light!!”

18. “Getting your butt smacked lol”

19. “Seeing my kids copy exactly what I do.”

20. “The smell on the earth after it rains.”

21. “That first sip of coffee in the morning.”

22. “With my honey drinking a rita on the rocks watching old Eddie Murphy stand up.”

23. “PAY DAY.”

24. “Before anyone else is up, I go outside with my dog and listen to the quiet of the city and the birds chirping.”

25. “Hanging with my family.”

26. “Seeing my son smile/laugh. I can’t not smile back!”

27. “When I get to the cash register and something I am buying is on sale!”

28. “This morning, I was overhearing a conversation between two 3 yr-old girls.
Girl 1: “Wanna play with me?!”
Girl:”Of course!” 
Imagine that convo with as much enthusiasm as possible!”


Reply to #29

30. “I change ALL my answers to food. I love food!”


Magdelena xo


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