Food for Thought

My sister is here in town for a lengthy visit. We are all very excited to have her, my baby niece, and sweet 5 year-old nephew in our every day lives for the next three weeks. She traveled with both kiddos for the first time all the way from East coast over here to California. They arrived here safe and sound, but not without experiencing all the possible challenges that arise when you are in the hands of a major airline.

 As I hopped in my car to go get the fam I received a text that they had boarded the plane but once again, their flight was delayed. It was too late to turn around and besides, my GPS indicated it was going to take over an hour in traffic to get to the airport. Having not had dinner, and driving stick shift in a non-AC car during commuting hour set the tone for my arrival. After circling a few times in the hourly parking I found the section close enough to their airline where we wouldn’t get lost coming back out, and raced inside to find a small snack that would hold me over until we got home.

Thank you Starbucks, for being at the end of every commercial street, and in every possible nook an establishment will allow you to take over.bucks

Overcome with hanger (hungry+angry) I whipped out my gift card every educator receives at the end of the school year and pointed to the most carbo-filled chunk of chocolate in the display case I could find. I ordered a large milky overly sweetened coffee, and just in case the chocolate chunk wasn’t enough for my…small snack, I ordered a croissant as well. My hanger quickly disappeared. Just the thought of having food in my possession changed my state of mind.

Ooomm about to eat!

You would think I would have yanked those pastries right out of the cashier’s hand and gone to town, but nope. First I had to find a desirable setting for the first bite. If you are a foodie, or struggle with an emotional connection to food you will understand this. I do think though that at some point many of us, if not all, do this.

I needed to find a suitable place to wait for my family whilst having the freedom to wholeheartedly devour this “small snack” from the Bucks. I looked at my two options.

As much as I love Virgin America’s positive “club lounge” feel there were too many cute guys that would would lose focus on my great hair as I ate, and gay ones that would judge my conduct as I ate. So I opted for the corner of a less fabulous airline. Facing the street. I plucked my purse down, chugged my coffee, and first pulled out the marble loaf. My moment was here. I took a monstrous bite into my baked floury treat, and breathed out a huge sigh. So huge in fact, pieces of the treat flew out of my mouth onto my purse.

Told ya I couldn’t have sat at Virgin.

Calmed down with food, and having some time to kill I got to thinking. What was it about my attachment to food that could present a kind of determined action to create a certain moment with it? Is it just me? Am I the only one who so impulsively makes unhealthy choices while at the same time PLOTS on what the environment will look like when I eat it? I know this can’t be good. I mean I opted to be away from great music and eye candy to face the street so I could comfortably eat food.

Within two hours of that snack I was home eating dinner. The food I consumed had already left my system, but I knew some of it would stay on my thighs.

Memories to last until the next workout.

Magdelena xo


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