The Whole Half-Ass Thing

“A Jack of all Trades. Master of none”

“Renaissance Woman”

“Half good at a Whole lot”

I was in a coaching session with a client* the other day going through an exercise that had her addressing two sides of herself. She was asked to give each side a name. After some thought she answered with “The Ultimate” for her driven side, and dubbed her  unfocused fear of being successful side as “Half-Assing.”

(“French” words are not only accepted in sessions but embraced with a smile!)

I have the fortune of also being friends with this client and later that week over 608-03471325dinner we started to talk about that term “Half-Assing.” Does it mean you’re lazy? Does it mean you normally only give around 50% with each
experience you take on? Are you someone that is just so busy with this and that that you never have the time to actually finish…this and that?

Sometimes it can mean those things.

However, upon further discussion we came up with some insights, and this is what we found to be some of the common traits

Of the Whole Half-Assing side…

~It comes up with great ideas. All the time. You might not execute them or the excitement can fizzle so you move on or pass the idea on, but you generally more often than not have something brewing.

~It gives 100% to something until you get bored or something else distracts you.

~It could be on to something good and get scared. Scared you might screw it up, the “what ifs” start to creep in, or like my client, you might become scared of what happens if you were to actually succeed with this something good.

~You start to create excuses (or in my case “reasons”) as to why you can abandon ship with the things that are good for you because of the responsibilities and/or changes that are involved after you cross that finish line.

~It gives 100% with the true intention to see things through, but it is with something that is not good for you. It might be trying to please someone else (as I did with my ever so short stint selling Mary Kay products), or might be trying to manifest a characteristic about yourself you simply do not possess.

Any of these snippets look familiar? They sure do to me!


True to Callavida form there are some positives to consider.

Sometimes it’s not the worst thing in the world to be Half-Assing. It can bring your other side that gets things done new ideas, creativity, and flexibility. It might take risks you never would should you not have that initial burst of energy or excitement towards a new venture. Furthermore, having lots of ideas, dreams, goals, motivations, and interests is one of the wonderful things about being human. We are in constant movement, forward hopefully, and most of us really want WAY more than we ever share with each other.

The whole thing about being constantly Half-Assing is that it can become detrimental when you find yourself getting uncomfortable, and pulling the plug when you start to see that finish line in the distance.

My friends, they don’t call ’em growing pains for nothing!

So if you are a “Jack of Trades,” or self-proclaimed “Renaissance Woman” don’t fight your natural curiosities with all this world has to offer. Just keep in mind that if you start to get distracted, fearful, or uncomfortable it could be because you are doing something good for you! Keep going and whole ass it!


Magdelena xo

*Client gave the okay to share this! Ironically we managed to finish this conversation with certain closure and out of it came this whole blog post.  =)


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