.What makes you beautiful?

The BE YOU part!

So be you!

The real you.

The you that is still. The you that does not feel forced, doubtful, or anxious.

The BE-YOU-tiful part of you is easy, light, certain, and free.

Some parts of you you want to work on?

Go ahead.

Because part of being YOU should be growing YOU.

The older I get the more I settle into myself, and put in the effort to develop the me I want to be. The me I know will connect with the world in a more honest way if I connect with myself in a healthier way.

It also takes much less effort to be yourself in the long run. Now when people ask me how I am I tell them. I used to cringe inside while saying “fi-yeene” in a high-pitched voice, and sometimes I still do, but mostly, if you ask how I am…you’ll get that earful the real me wants to share with you.

So go ahead and be you.

Because this is where the true Be-You-ty lies!


Maggie xo


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