Heart Path

I knew 2015 would change my life.

I knew it would because I decided that this year would be my year of clarity and change. When you set an intention out to the world, and decide I will rather than “I’ll try,” you set things in motion.

“I’ll try” is done from a seated position, whereas “I will” is the getting up.

This is one major aspect that not everyone really thinks about. We plan, we research, we change our minds, we wait for the “right time,” and we end up doing all of that from the seated position when what we really need to do is get up. Start following whatever is in front of us on our right path. Make decisionsblog along the way. Follow the bread crumb trail and make the pit stops when you hit those important landmarks.

Sometimes the path can mean veering from the one you’ve been on for a while, and taking a risk because your gut tells you 1) The path you’re on is leading nowhere, 2) The uncertain path WILL lead you to better things, or 3) Both…

It’s usually the last one.

Now I believe in simply moving forward in any capacity. Take one small trip to a new event. Have a medium-sized conversation with someone you normally don’t engage with on Facebook. Skip the chocolate tonight. Take the stairs. Apply for some dream jobs whilst working at your current one.

Do a small “let’s just check and see what the rent costs are” in the area you’ve thought about moving to…

Or a huge one-way ticket to a new home.

I’m just following the bread crumb trail because I know in the end no matter where I end up I will stay consistently satiated.

Because I keep picking things up along the way that feed me, and letting go of the things that do not.

Maggie xo


3 thoughts on “Heart Path

  1. Maggie, Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! Your timing is perfect for me as I have been and then again already as soon as my feet hit the floor, suffer from performance anxiety. Severe performance to the point of losing focus and racing thoughts. I have a vision of where I had wanted to be heading around this time in my life (getting ready to hit the big 50) but a severe injury to halted all that 3 years ago. Past few years have been a roller coaster of I “want to” and “I will” that some got accomplished. Having people like you that encourage and support us that suffer is a beautiful.
    Enjoy your walk and don’t forget to stop at times to smell the roses. Kim

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    1. Hi Kim! Thank you for your response happy to read this resonates with you. Anxiety can be such a halting factor when trying to move forward and I’ve touched on that on quite a few of my posts if you’d like to scroll through for more encouragement. What a great next milestone for you turning 50 to revisit, reconnect, and refresh. Please check out my website callavida.org if you’re interested in further support, but just know, on your own, with daily check ins you CAN make that vision of where you want to be come to life! It’s all about finding what tools work for you 🙂 I will remember to pause and smell those roses, thanks for the reminder!


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