French Braid

I am wearing my hair in a French braid today. Why?

Because I saw a girl at Target the other day wearing one.

She was beautiful, and holding a bag of chocolate chip cookies while drinking what looked to be like one of those 1000-calorie Starbucks drink. At first glance I looked at her pretty modernly fluffed up braid, cute outfit, tan toned legs and thought “Ugh she gets to eat whatever she wants no fair.” I wished I had her legs and did that thing we ladies ALL do at times when we envy someone else.

We put ourselves down after.

However, I caught myself. I stopped. I realized I had no idea how this girl got that look. She could workout 6 days a week and this is her one cheat day. She could naturally have those legs and a fast metabolism. Whatever it was, why did I need to analyze it and make excuses to talk down on myself, or discredit what she worked for?

You know what else we do that is simply not cool sometimes? We put the OTHER girl down to make ourselves feel better! We are clearly envious, jealous, and most likely experiencing an insecurity trigger so instead of dealing with that, we put the other girl down. We pick something apart about her to make ourselves disconnect from the insecurity. Well I think that’s bullshit and as I’ve entered into my 30s that type of thinking has remained with my less mature self.

Along with chasing boys who don’t like me and having that last shot of jäger.

This is has got to stop ladies.

Emulate. Don’t envy.

Back to the beginning. So I noticed the Target chica had a pretty French braid. It was slightly messy and yet you could tell there was purpose to it. It looked really cute. I remembered I am actually pretty good at French braiding my own hair. So, I decided to pick what I admired about the girl, and emulate that. Maybe her beauty would transfer over to my braid or something, heh.

I feel like it kind of did.


Maggie xo


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