“Our session really did a lot for me. I feel lighter and more positive!” ~J

“I felt like I just got a really great mental massage.” ~K

“It’s like a hug for my soul!” ~K


“I was really surprised with the amount of awareness and change I felt after a few short sessions with Maggie.  She is attentive, kind and a great listener.  Her approach really allowed me to express my thoughts, some I hadn’t ever vocalized, only to realize we were on the path to realizing some BIG things.  She assisted with great notes, clear instructions and very individualized approach to my coaching. Loved it, and her!” ~N


“I attended Self-Care: Soul and Skin this past April. Before this event I knew I badly needed to find some inner peace, and practice more self-love. Maggie was truly inspirational, and easy to connect with. Attending Self Care; Soul and Skin was the first step to practicing self-love. And I have continued to do so every day ever since.” ~J

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