The Zoo

I was almost done writing a different blog post for tonight.

I was almost done.

Let me tell you, it’s powerful. It touches on women’s issues. It was written from my heart.

But the couple at the table in front of me started arguing.

I have been single for a while now and forgot the part of being with someone you love like crazy who can also drive you like, crazy. I am also generally not an argumentative person, particularly in public, so this kind of suckered me in.

Slightly raised voices, leaning in to get the point through gritted teeth, and side glances at me as I was in closest proximity to them.

I was very much seated in an audience position.

Don’t judge me. I still kept trying to finish my post. Tried to get into the feeling I had only a few moments before she raised her voice, and he raised up his hands in response….

But I couldn’t.

I felt like I was a peering cautiously into an exhibit at the relationship zoo.

More raised voices, her running off to the bathroom, and more side glances. She comes back in tears, and proceeds to ignore him as they look at their menus. Attempt to deflate the tension in the air with a softer, lower tone. Hair flips then silence.

Maybe I can stop chatting online and get back to this heartfelt meaningful pos-

Uh oh. Suddenly with clearly frustrated body language he leaned across the table and did the thing.

And I knew exactly what he was going to tell her, more or less.

Calm Down.

Insert every person’s face when you tell them to calm down.


It did not end well.

Ah. To be in love. And part of its zoo.

Maggie xo





Happy Love Day

Love comes in many forms.

So on this Valentine’s Day remember:

If you are in a healthy relationship spread the love to others in your life who might need a little reminder. A quick text with a funny pic can make a difference, or a phone call to ask what they’re up to over the weekend. A simple gesture to let your other loved ones know that they are loved too-just as a little reminder.

If you are in an UNhealthy relationship know that you deserve more. Please-REALLY sit with this thought and see if there is ONE small step you can take today towards better health. Do it today and watch LOVE and an honest CHANGE show you you CAN-as a little (or huge) reminder.

If you are feeling low, or lonely (or both) it is most likely because you are thinking about something or someone you don’t have. Look towards those in your life that DO love you-just as a little reminder.

If you are sort of pissy about the day and feel the need to express this to everyone via snarky comments or posts on Facebook this in an issue. With you. Stop fighting it and face it so you can be happier. Plus no one likes a person who pisses on a day even as cheesy as this. Reread this as a little reminder.

If like me, you see the positive in this day but know you will need to occupy yourself then grab onto some love as a little reminder. Grab onto a friend, go on a casual date, watch some terrible movies with family, or reach out to someone you know is feeling down.

I prefer to call this day “LOVE Day” because it SHOULD be about THAT….

Just a little reminder.

Screenshot_2015-02-12-18-57-30 Click me =)

Maggie xo