Being Weird: 2nd Attempt

Alright! Here’s hoping this one goes through…

Below are a list of ways that I, and other awesome women I have had the privilege of knowing are owning and sharing our weird “things” we do.

I am certain this will be an enjoyable read for all.

Because let’s be real,

there will inevitably be some things on here that

YOU don’t fall too far behind from,

Or are right there with us on.

15 Somethings that are Weird

1. I move my feet around when I’m eating something I really love.

2. I have a song I sing to one of my cats (which I will never share with anyone).

3. I watch the movie Enchanted about once a month because I like the songs, and the feeling of fairy tales coming true. Patrick Dempsey ain’t too shabby either…

4. If someone is standing too close to me while I’m shopping I sometimes call them a space invader. Out loud. To their face.

5. When I finish a book I hug it.

6. Memorizing and smoothly executing an E-40 line empowers, and very much amuses me.

7. The calories or time of my workouts have to end in a 0 or a 5…any psych majors out there?2nd_pose1

8. I sleep comfortably  in the tree pose…

9. Sometimes I check my Facebook on my phone. While I am on it on my laptop.

and it’s open next to me on my Kindle.

From followers via Facebook:

10. “I walk around every time I’m on the phone talking with someone.” ~Amanda

11. “Me too! I always pace on the phone. And I talk to myself when alone. And then I talk to myself, telling myself to stop talking to myself, because it’s WEIRD.” ~Anjali

12. “Didn’t realize I did this until my husband pointed it out but I shake my foot/leg when I am sleepy. I guess in attempt to keep myself awake? Lol” ~Vanessa

13.  I move my toes while watching TV or a movie. Weird, I know!! Lol” ~Jessica

14. “When I get excited about something, my nose gets super itchy for some reason. Oh- and I talk to myself……frequently.” ~Toneka

15. “Sound effects while I drive lol. Talk to myself. Sing by myself while I drive.” ~Christina

Christina-good to know I’m not the only one who puts on concerts in the car!


Maggie xo