Beauty and the Bland

I would like to share about a walk I went on recently in a city that lies on top of an engineered landfill. The homes all look the same, and there is generic shopping center after shopping center.

In other words, the general scenery is more bland than iceberg lettuce.

But the sweet job I landed in this city is worth the eye boredom.

I have to cross a bridge in order to get home. On this particular day traffic was still high after work, and there was no way I was going to sit idle on a bridge in earthquake friendly California. So I drove with intuition around the neighborhood I worked in, pulled over, and started walking.

I came across a trail by more bland homes, and ended up walking on a path parallel to a small body of water.

Then things shifted as I paid attention.

And here is a little bit of what I captured.



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It ended up being a really nice walk! I had some good music on the headphones, embraced the chilly weather, and searched for pretty plants.

As you can see, I was able to find them.

It reminded me of life-we are not always in the midst of blatant beauty.  It is not always right there in our face and for the most part, most of us don’t really pause to capture it in our day to day lives.

But it IS there, and it is only when we begin to set the intent to find it that things will start to step forward to us. Maybe a really bright gorgeous piece of fruit at the grocery store that also smells delicious. A passing moment when you walk by a stranger, and there is a brief exchange of smiles.

Think about it. What are the little things that you find beautiful? The things that give you the feels? I actually have some of those things written on a memo in my phone to bring me joy. I also jot down moments of unexpected enchantment to remind me that there is still the little girl in me whose soul likes to be fed.

More importantly, there is the adult that I am, who needs to be fed.

It is important to find some beauty amidst the bland.

This is another way to access your point of peace.

Maggie xo

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When plans Change, so should You

Hi! I am delighted to share this impromptu video I made tonight after both an amazing workout, and overall, AMAZING Monday!

Lucky me, huh?

 “Sometimes it ends up different, and it is better that way.”

Maggie xo

F.A.B. You

You might be rolling you eyes-another fitness article? Give me a chance to wow you, or at least now you-as in you might try something I suggest asap. Keep in mind the thoughts I will share do not always match up to my actions it is continuous work, and although you might not know what I look like I can promise you it does not even remotely resemble this:

MY hair is curly

 However, what I can share is that in the past I have successfully lost a good amount of weight and broken bad habits without buying any meal plans, a gym membership (I do have one now), or pills. I have not tried any of the latest diets nor have I done any workouts that entailed the words cross or fit in them. I love to eat and am pretty active, but like to do things on my own terms.

Being “F.A.B.” is how I see it:

F=FUN…If you are not having some fun with a healthy lifestyle whatever you are doing won’t last long. Figure out what that means to you! For myself it was trying out my mom’s NutriBullet and discovering I LOVE to make smoothies. It was realizing I don’t love the treadmill at my gym as much as a jog around my neighborhood. That I don’t really like to strength train so I find better success doing short term challenges on YouTube or Facebook. If you are a parent maybe having a cooking contest with your kids using some healthy ingredients. Taking them to the grocery store and picking out a new veggie or fruit for the week to try. Or, taking yourself to pick out a few new foods and trying a new recipe. Have fun. Your kind of fun!

A=ACTIVE…If you can tweak the way you do certain things you can incorporate more activity into your life that becomes second nature. Take the stairs at the two-story Target those 3-5 times a week you pop in (always intending to stick to the list). Park a little farther away when you hit the grocery store. Watching your fave Tuesday night show? Do squats during the commercials. Have kids? Instead of checking emails when they are playing at the park play tag with them for 15 minutes. YOU’RE IT! Don’t want to join a gym? Get on Amazon and buy a few workout videos to workout to at home. Try something new. I am not the best dancer, but when I bought my first Shaun T Hip Hop Abs dvd I felt like Janet Jackson! Buy a yoga for kids CD and do it with yours before bedtime. Make being active work for you and develop realistic, long-lasting habits.

B=BALANCED…something that really helped me instill more permanent habits into my life was changing my mindset to what I put IN my body versus what I needed to cut OUT. So often when we want to make changes to our diet we think “Oh I shouldn’t eat ice cream every weekend,” or “I need to cut the creamer out of my coffee,” and I don’t know about you, but that can become a real drag. We are rebels at heart are we not? Balanced means you can still consider nixing the creamer, but also think about adding healthier foods into your life. Adding some physical activity into your life, and adding a more positive mindset into your life. Mind over matter is true in this case. What you train your mind to focus on will manifest on the outside. Think about what stress can do to you. For me, it added ten pounds with about eight of that going straight to my middle. It brought my blood pressure up and even landed me in the ER last summer. Get that negative self-talk outta here. Instead of thinking “I am fat and need to lose weight,” think “I will work towards the healthy body I know I am capable of having.” Be kind to yourself, but motivating. Do words matter? YES, and a balanced mind will equal a more balanced body.

Take care of your mind so you can take care of your body.

Think F.A.B.

Magdelena xo