Las Lineas

Man…Women rock.

We love hard, we feel bravely, and are so good at creating structure out of chaos.

I was very much reminded of all of this today.

We are beautiful.

I would like to share a piece I wrote recently published by Kim Baker Gomez.

A beautiful friend with a beautiful heart.

I hope that it reminds you, that you are beautiful too.

Las Lineas-the Lines

They tell you I have laughed more often than the average person.

They show you I have cried perhaps just the same.

They reveal the lineage of my brown skin and the resulting adaptability that lineage provides; keeping me looking younger than I actually am.

They do not fully reveal all those unwashed nights on the pillow, the lack of water, and sometimes excessive partying.

With that said, they fully reveal grace.

Las lineas. The lines. They speak for me in ways I can no longer recall for myself.

How can something so special, and unique to each of us, not be embraced?

But I have never viewed them as my enemy, and just as the lines on the palms of my hands have a path to reveal and a story to tell, they do too.

In my mind when I look in the mirror I see las lineas as love specific to the way I express it. Openly, clumsily at times, but never afraid to get up from the fall.

I simply do not see them as outward connectors to the negatives we are bombarded with about aging. I view them as positively beautiful connectors into the windows of my soul.

I look in the mirror and see the lines reaching into the corner of my eyes….so thin, and not quite noticeable at first glance of my face. Yet at the same time, my lines are so very much earned, and so very much filled with the strength of my experiences over the 37 years I have been on this planet.


 Maggie xo




I would like to say *Happy Mother’s Day* to all the mothers out there!

You come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. ALL of you are appreciated today. From the bottom of my heart I wish for you to feel the love vibrating around the world in 84528-Happy-Mothers-Dayappreciation of your existence.

I am incredibly fortunate to have a mother who has been actively involved in my life since the day I was born, and would like to dedicate this piece to her.

Her name is Maria, but because of the many lives she has touched over the years working with families she was given the nickname “Mamaria (Mama-riah).”

My sisters and I would like to share our thoughts on our wonderful mom as part of our gift to her.

Why will you enjoy this?

Because for those of you who are mothers, partners, stepmothers, and “second moms” you will read firsthand how your work matters. How what you do everyday, and every moment is so important it changes lives.

For everyone else my wish is for this touch you in some way. To reflect on a female role model or caregiver in your own life, or at the very least find appreciation for what a woman’s hard work and love can instill in her loved ones.

From the Middle Sis: The-Moment-He-Realized-He-Was-Now-The-Middle-Child-Funny-Kids-Siblings

“My Mom is the strongest woman I know. As a parent now, I have a better understanding of what a Mom truly does and goes through for her children. And because of this new understanding I have even MORE love and respect for her. A mother’s love cannot be described into words and is forever truly unconditional. I am lucky to have the best Mom in the world. Thank you for always being there for me, forgiving me, and loving me for me!  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

From the Baby:

cookies-of-life“God truly gave me sisters and the mom I need. She is a beautiful example of serving others with joy and loving each other in our own way. I can’t put in enough words what she means to me. I love her so very much, and it’s a bonus to be working with her at the same school!”


From the Oldest (Me):

My mother is the epitome of strength and heart. She is always able to move with the changes she sees in her daughters with a *love* that never changes. She has carried the weight of many struggles for this family, and over the years learned to move through her own to find happiness within herself. As I find myself starting over again we share a common bond to haul up our next mountains of change to become even better versions of ourselves; striving for that beautiful view along the way, and on the top.

And what I take away from her that now eternally swirls in core of who I am is

It is never to late to have a beautiful life, but it is up to ME to create it. 

Love you Mama

Magdelena xo